Community Hedge token

Building the most scalable DEX on the Binance Smart Chain


Community hedge token is built on the Binance smart chain and offers the hyper deflationary properties of 'Safemoon' with the intrinsic value of $CAKE. We are building an all in one decentralised exchange encompassing trading, tracking and talking. The current model of the decentralised BSC space is inefficient, ineffective and difficult to navigate for newcomers. We're here to change that.

Why $CHT?

The BSC meme space has changed as we know it. It has slowly drifted from its core fundamentals to something toxic. Cash Grabs, Honey Pots, Pump and dumps, and recycled meme's with 'inu' on the end of everything. Furthermore, useless utilities are piled onto projects in a lousy attempt to create something of value. It's time we take a step back and return this space to the foundations it was built upon, Community.

To The Sun


Whether cryptocurrencies are showing signs of a bear market or bull market, $CHT has been designed to prosper in all market conditions. Community Hedge Token ($CHT) is paired to BUSD. This means we are protected and will be unaffected by the potential of a correction in the market which would negatively affect most tokens, however $CHT will also maintain the ability to take full advantage of a green market.

BUSD offers many advantages over other stablecoins, such as improved transparency as a fully regulated stablecoin and price stability. BUSD is fully supported by the Binance ecosystem, which continues to grow and strengthen. Everything surrounding $CHT is to benefit the community, and this is portrayed through the tokenomics, marketing decisions and token pairing.

Community Hedge looks to display strength in numbers whist on boarding new individuals to the crypto scene bringing cryptocurrency back to its roots, the better times. During this time, the community is the only real hedge.


Token Paired with BUSD

Pairing with BUSD is not commonly displayed, however it benefits the community due to the safety surrounding it. During a bear market, the volatility is continuous and can negatively affect many other tokens if they are paired to coins that aren't necessarily stable like ETH.

BUSD means that we cannot be affected by the market volatility, we are separate. This will invite many individuals to hold $CHT as they feel safe and will hedge their bet with the best community token.



The community's tokenomics have been carefully selected and thoroughly thought through as they significantly benefit the community and all $CHT holders.

Buy Back and Burn

2% of each buy/sell will be burnt and bought back into $CHT. There are many reasons as to why this is one of our tokenomics. Mainly, this ensures hyper deflation which increases the value of the community's $CHT holdings. It will also be beneficial for the buys/burns to constantly prop up our chart and ensure continuous activity is taking place.

Automatic LP injections

2% of each buy/sell will automatically go to our Liquidity Pool. This helps to ensure that we have a continuous rise in our floor price which results in a higher value for $CHT holders. This also reduces the price impact each member can have creating a safer environment.

Community Surplus

2% of each buy/sell will automatically go to our community surplus fund. This is something we will be looking to continuously build up over time and contribute to the future listings of $CHT on platforms when the time is right.

Max Wallet

The community will have the ability to hold a maximum of 1% of the supply. This gives even token distribution across the community and increases equality of buyers. This again will protect future members!

Max Price Impact

The community will have the ability to sell 0.1% of token supply at a time. This is beneficial as no holder will have the ability to 'dump the chart' therefore all other holders are safe and can hold their $CHT knowing it's not like any other token on the market.